MLA knew about Indonesian horrors in May 2010

On Thursday, 9 June 2011, the Chairman of MLA, Don Heatley made several public comments denying that MLA had any prior knowledge of the horrific practices aired on the Four Corners program “A Bloody Business”.

Mr. Heatley said:

“If there was complete and utter knowledge of the brutality, the grotesque brutality that we saw recently, we would have been in there immediately”

The MLA also released a public statement on their website that asserted:

“MLA had no prior knowledge of the brutal treatment of animals illustrated in recent media coverage, prior to being shown the footage.”

The AMIEU now releases a fact sheet sourced from MLA and LiveCorp’s own documents that establishes that the horrific practices seen on Four Corners were reported to MLA and LiveCorp in May 2010.

The AMIEU calls upon MLA and the Chairman to correct their misleading public statements.
Fact Sheet: Were the MLA and LiveCorp Aware of the Horrific Slaughtering Practices in Indonesia Prior to June 2011?

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