Disclosure Obligations

-Notice re AMIEU Federal Officers Elections 2016 (Regulation 141 Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009)

Please be advised that a copy of the report of the Australian Electoral Commission is available from the AMIEU Federal Office or the AEC upon request.

-In accordance with the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009

Please click here for the Declaration pursuant to Sec 233(1) in relation to the AMIEU ANNUAL RETURN 2016

-Under AMIEU Rules 18B

To all members of the AMIEU

In compliance with the following AMIEU Rule pertaining to the financial year ending 30 June 2016:

Rule 18B

The following are the 5 highest paid officers of the AMIEU:

 Name                                 Position                                                    Salary                 Non-cash Benefits
Graham Smith          Federal Secretary                                         $ 121,535                         1
Charlie Donzow        New South Wales Branch Secretary        $ 136,486                        1
Peter Usher                New South Wales Branch Presiden        $ 130,302                         1
Brian Crawford         Queensland Branch Secretary                  $ 134,226*                       1
Paul Conway             Victorian Branch Secretary                        $ 118,226                         1

Note 1:   Non-cash benefits referred to as 1 include use of motor vehicle for private use.
Note 2:   * Where appearing above indicates that the salary disclosed included a cash amount paid for personal leave that was cashed out during the year.

Rule 18C

This rule had no application to the Federal Office for the financial year 2016.  Branches of the AMIEU who are subject to disclosure under this rule report them separately in their Branch disclosure reports.

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